• Hundreds of unique Storyline cards build a custom experience.

StoryLine is an episodic, customizable, two player format for Magic: The Gathering. It features an original story and adds new mechanics that transform a game of MtG into an experience. The story, decks and even the cards themselves are permanently changed based on game results and player choices.  Things get written on, cut, pasted, added to, and subtracted from, so that the game is constantly evolving from chapter to chapter. 

To play, you need the Storyline deck and the Magic cards listed in each chapter. You can download the StoryLine deck for free from our site. Then print, cut, and order the StoryLine cards. You start with a preconstructed deck, which is quickly customised to fit your own style.  The cards were hand selected to enrich choices within the game, while being easy to find and inexpensive. All featured cards come from recent sets and are common or uncommon. 

The first book: The Vault Crashers contains 12 Chapters. It will conclude with both a winner and a unique StoryBook that chronicles your adventures.  Each Chapter takes about two hours to complete.  Chapters will be released once a week, with the first book  unfolding over a month. After that, a second and third book are planned and will complete the “Gathering of the Six” trilogy over nine months.

Join us in this adventure as we stretch the boundaries of MtG for this unique experience!