Land of Spires and Ruins.  Long ago, planeswalkers fleeing an interdimensional catastrophe found refuge on a long ruined world. Mana abundant but inhabited only by the dying sparks of civilization, the early pioneers revitalized the ruins of an ancient capital, Trieste, and set about studying the forces that could end life on a world. Centuries later, the descendants of these forebearers live in a highly stratified society, a Magocracy where those with magical ability rule those without. 

In this society, aspiring mages and wandering planeswalkers compete to earn prestige as Vault Crashers. In this deadly sport, competitors simultaneously cooperate to overcome challenges, while battling to claim ancient treasures. These contests are scryed through the eyes of familiars for the entertainment of Trieste’s elite magi. But, in order to earn the chance to crash one of the Great Vaults of Anacreon, newcomers must first prove their worth in the Lesser Vaults.

 While not as ancient as a Great Vault, the Lesser Vaults are dangerous gauntlets engineered by crafty artisans known as the Gamemakers.  You have planeswalked to Anacreon in order to uncover its secrets, and through much strife, you now have an opportunity to crash your first vault. Unfortunately, there is another. Will they turn out to be an ally, or an enemy? What are the Mage Lords hiding deep in their vault? Will you survive long enough to uncover what lies in the ruins of a world first ruined, now ruled, by magic?