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Start the Adventure

Greetings everyone, On behalf of my team and I, we are happy to announce our long belated pandemic project is close to completion, and we are releasing it for free today! During COVID, some of my friends and I took a look at all our draft chafe and tried to think of new ways to […]

The State of Storyline

Well, May 2022 is over, which means, it’s almost been over a year since Tobey and I started working on our Legacy game, “MTG Storyline”. Honestly, I never would have imagined getting wrapped up in a crazy fan project like this. See, we were each our own charmed lives in Taiwan, enjoying each day as […]

Champions of the Kitchen Table

For the longest time, I experienced Magic: The Gathering through the lens of Family Game Night. To some degree, the fast and loose, flexible nature of these games highly impacted how I set about designing many aspects of MTG: Storyline. Because we usually played the same decks over and over, modified by the occasional upgrade, […]

Back to Basics

It was my partner Tobey who first came up with the idea for a legacy Magic Game. No, No. Not the Legacy format,” He told me, “A legacy-style game. Like Charterstone, or Pandemic Legacy. Every game played will change every other future game. Week by week players’ decisions will change what happens next, and those […]

Cards in the Attic

I was born one year before Magic the Gathering, but in some ways, the game grew up alongside me like an older brother. It’s hard to explain how a game can become a part of your family identity, but all through my childhood, Magic was a mainstay on our kitchen table.  I’ll start from the […]

Playtesters Needed

Our pandemic project is close to completion, and we’re looking for playtesters to help us polish it up before releasing it for free.   So we’ve created a format, or rather, a new experience that we’re calling MtG “StoryLine”. StoryLine is an episodic, customizable, two player format for Magic: The Gathering, borne out of our love […]