Our pandemic project is close to completion, and we’re looking for playtesters to help us polish it up before releasing it for free.  

So we’ve created a format, or rather, a new experience that we’re calling MtG “StoryLine”. StoryLine is an episodic, customizable, two player format for Magic: The Gathering, borne out of our love of legacy style board games (not related to the Legacy Magic format) and a desire to expand on Magic’s storytelling.

Basically, you find a friend, gather up the Magic cards used in each “Chapter” of the game, print out and arrange our StoryLine deck, and play!

The StoryLine deck is a printable set of cards that tell an original story in the spirit of a choose-your-own-adventure novel. The StoryLine deck also adds new mechanics that transform a game of MtG into an exciting, and surprising, experience. Based on your story and gameplay choices, you might be asked to change, destroy, or alter certain cards. Things get written on, cut, pasted, added to, and subtracted from, so that the game is constantly evolving from chapter to chapter. But we can’t tell you more and ruin the surprise!

To play, you need the Storyline deck and the cards listed in each chapter. As a playtester, we’ll send you the StoryLine cards to print, cut, and put in order. After the release, all of the chapters will be available on our website. You will also need the listed MtG cards. You start with a preconstructed deck, but quickly get to upgrade and change it to fit your style. Every card was hand selected to enrich choices within the game while being inexpensive. All cards needed come from recent sets and are common or uncommon. 

The first book, “The Vault Crashers”, contains 12 chapters. It will conclude with both a winner and a unique StoryBook that chronicles your adventures.  Each chapter takes about two hours to complete.  Chapters will be released once a week for free, with the first book  unfolding over a month. After that, a second and third book are planned and will complete the “Gathering of the Six” trilogy over nine months.

We are looking to playtest the first 5 or 6 chapters. To playtest, you’ll need a regular partner to play with, ideally in person. Via webcam may be possible, but problematic. That’s something we may be able to create a work around for in the future, but it’s not set up to do that now. We’ll also ask that you fill out a small questionnaire after every session.  

Check out our (like everything else, still under construction) website for more information and videos explaining everything here at www.mtgStoryLine.com  And let us know what you think in the comments section here!  

If you are interested in testing, email me at [my name]@mtgStoryLine.com.

I hope this idea excites all of you as much as it excites us! We would love to hear from you, and if you don’t have time now, check us out when we release next month.  

Have fun, 

Tobey  <– [my name]